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The provided text outlines the Terms of Sale for DesktopBazar.com, an online platform for purchasing new, refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned products such as desktops, laptops, and related accessories. Below is a structured summary of the terms:


1. Acceptance of Terms:

   - Users agree to the Terms upon accessing the website or making a purchase.

   - Users must carefully read and accept the Terms before buying any products or services.

   - Additional terms may apply, and in case of conflicts, these additional terms take precedence.

   - Users who disagree with the Terms should refrain from accessing the website or making purchases.


2. Business:

   - DesktopBazar.com serves as a platform for the online sale of various products, including new, refurbished, and pre-owned items.

   - The Seller is responsible for products sold through the platform and may change or discontinue services without notice.


3. Products:

   - The platform offers a variety of products at agreed-upon prices, with shipping provided by the Seller.

   - Products are subject to warranties provided by manufacturers and the Seller, if applicable.


4. Responsibilities:

   - The Seller is liable for faults in products and provides procedures for product replacement.

   - Users are responsible for their actions and decisions regarding purchases and services.


5. Pricing Information:

   - The Seller aims to provide the best prices but reserves the right to change prices without notice.

   - Typographical errors may occur, and the Seller may contact users or cancel orders to rectify errors.


6. Payment Details:

   - Users must provide accurate payment details, and the Seller disclaims liability for unauthorized use of payment information.


7. Delivery of the Product:

   - Shipping addresses are verified before payment, and users should provide alternate addresses if necessary.

   - Multiple orders may be shipped together, but this depends on product characteristics and logistics issues.


The Terms emphasize user agreement and responsibility, as well as the Seller's obligations regarding product quality and service provision. Users are encouraged to contact DesktopBazar.com for inquiries or clarifications.




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